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Magical Messages from the Fairies Oracle Cards

The Magical Messages from the Fairies Oracle Cards (Doreen Virtue) is a deck of 44 cards related to all things fairies.  The fairies are considered to be nature angels. They watch closely over earth and all her creations.  Fairies are magical manifesters using the energy of mother earth to bring spirit into material.  Practical, wise, straightforward with a mix of magic and fun, the fairies are wonderful to call upon for everyday issues, such as relationships (Love Life, Marriage), Health (Emotional Healing, Dietary Change), and Finances (Debt Paid Off, Business Venture). This is a deck to help you attune to the rhythm of earth’s energy and the magic of manifesting your material needs and desires.  Wishes do come true!

Each card is presented with the name of the card, an image of a fairy, and a short message about the card topic.  The booklet contains a full message related to the topic.


Here is an example:

New Home
“Moving is a step in the right direction for you.”

Message in the booklet:

The fairies are so attuned to the earth’s heartbeat that they can detect changes far before we’re aware of them.  This card comes to you because the fairies foresee you moving to a new location with positive results. If you ask for their assistance, the fairies can help with this change, letting go of your present home, releasing financial worries, and finding a wonderful new place.

Additional meanings for this card:
Take steps to move, such as contacting a real estate agent * A positive change in your finances allows you to afford a better home * Someone is moving in or out of your home * A relationship change heralds a move * Healing is occurring in your home * Consider a career helping others with their homes, feng shui, mural painting, landscaping, or house-sitting
The Magical Messages of the Fairies deck can answer any question and with any spread.  It is a great deck to find answers to practical, earthly issues.  I often use these cards when I have questions about my finances.  For example, at the beginning of 2014 I had some concerns about my finances and I used this deck to get some guidance.  I consistently received the “New Home” card.  At the time, I had no idea how I could move and how this would help my finances but I was open to the possibility because I kept drawing this card.  A few months later I did move and it did help my finances, as well as other areas of my life!!

This is one of my favourite decks!  If you would like to experience it with me, I do in-person, phone, and online (Skype) card readings.  Since October is a time of bountiful harvests and abundance, and the fairies have a hand in this, I am featuring this deck in my October newsletter and in this month’s special using my Money Tree Spread.  See my website to find out more.  

To purchase your own Magical Messages of the Fairies Oracle Cards check out, Hay House, or at your local bookstore (call first to see if it’s in stock).

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