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The Root Chakra, or Muladhara in Sanskrit, is located at the base of the spine and associated with the colour red which represents the awakening of the sleeping consciousness to active, alert consciousness and self awareness.

Names - Root, First, Base, Muladhara

Colour - Red which represents life, energy, vitality, strength, fire, passion, sexuality, and awakening to consciousness.

Location - Base of the spine, coccyx.  This is the first chakra to develop from 0-12 months and forms the foundation for our spiritual development as we move up through the chakras.

Element - Earth. The closest energy centre to earth, it is the root of our being and connects us to earth, the environment and our physical body.  Keeping the root chakra clear and connected to Earth helps us feel centred and grounded.

Key Words - Stability.  Strength.  Survival.  Security.

Main Purposes - Movement, manifesting, self awareness, grounding, individual integrity, personal survival, sexuality, body connection.

Primary Issues - Birth, survival, family/generational patterns, security, money, food, health, home, career, material and emotional needs, belongingness, self-approval, and feeling inspired.

Physical Dysfunctions - Lower back pain, sciatica, varicose veins, rectal issues, constipation, diarrhea, impotence, immune related disorders, eating disorders, issues with teeth (“root” canal), problems with groin, hips, legs, knees, calves, ankles, and feet.

Mental/Emotional Issues - Anxiety, depression, loneliness, insecurities, mental confusion (feeling ungrounded), unconfident, abandonment, indecisive, inappropriate emotional outbursts, body image, addictions, phobias, obsessions.

Major Block - Fear.  This is where our flight or fight response is initiated to survive.  Releasing fear allows the energy of the root chakra to function at it’s potential resulting in our basic material and emotional needs being easily met.  Instead of operating from fear, we move forward with a deeply rooted primal trust that we are always safe and secure to manoeuvre in the world.

Snapshot of a Cloudy, Closed, Unbalanced Root Chakra -  Low physical energy, strength, and vitality - health issues.  Mental confusion - forgetful, indecisive, can’t focus.  Lack of interest in sex.  Negative body image.  Unhealthy relationship with food - emotional eating, obsessive dieting, weight issues.  Difficulty bringing your desires to fruition.  Anxiety, depression, loneliness, feeling like you don’t belong.  Feeling lost and misunderstood.  Volatile emotions -emotions that surface inappropriately such as anger, rage, deep sadness.  Financial issues - can’t make ends meet, just surviving, poverty, debt, avoiding your money problems. Just can’t seem to get ahead.  Strained and/or estranged relationships. Feeling stuck and unable to move forward in life.  Feeling disconnected from joy and play, nature and Mother Earth.  Phobias and irrational fears.  Obsessive behaviours - cleanliness, exercise, always worrying.  Addictions.

Snapshot of a Clear, Open, Balanced Root Chakra - Physical health - energy, strength, and vitality.  Feeling grounded, centred, and focused.  Healthy sex drive.  Positive body image.  Healthy relationship with food.  Easily manifest your desires.  Feeling safe and secure, as though you belong.  Able to process your emotions in healthy ways.  Healthy relationship with money - thriving, not surviving.  Able to set healthy boundaries with family, friends, and colleagues.  Feeling inspired and moving forward in life.  Listening to the needs of your inner child - taking time to play.  Feeling connected to nature and Mother Earth.  Can easily face your fears and see them as illusions.

Activities to Enhance the Root Chakra -  Grounding - bare feet in the grass/sand, gardening, hug a tree, walk in nature, imagine roots growing out of your feet and into Earth.  Physical activity - dance, yoga, sports, stretching, running.  Eating consciously - bless your food and water, eat root vegetables (carrots, onions, potatoes) and even better if they are red (beets, radishes).  Play - with children at their level, let your inner child have fun, laugh and giggle, let go.  Get a foot massage or reflexology.  Budget and manage your money - learn to respect money and use it to your benefit.  Wear red to stimulate the root chakra.  Carry or wear gemstones associated with the root chakra - hematite, onyx, black tourmaline, obsidian, ruby, garnet, red jasper, fire opal, bloodstone, coral.  Research your family history to better understand your “roots.”  Play or listen to the drums. Meditation/visualization - imagine white light clearing your root chakra until it glows a healthy bright red or use a guided meditation specifically designed to clear your chakras.

Positive Affirmations for the Root Chakra - I am always safe and secure.  I am good enough.  I have all I need.  I am grounded in truth.  I am involved and powerful.  It is safe to be me.  I belong.  I create healthy relationships.  I love my body and treat it well.  I trust life.  I trust myself.  My financial needs are met.  Life flows gracefully and easily for me. I have a beautiful, peaceful family life.  I am healthy.  I am wealthy.  I am anchored in the light.  I am God’s gift to this world.

Associated Archangels - Depending on what your are working on you can call upon the following Archangels for help:
Archangel Michael to release fears, find your courage, and to feel safe and protected.  Archangel Raphael to help with physical and emotional healing.  Archangel Ariel to help you stay grounded and connect to Earth.  Archangel Jophiel to boost your self image and feel good about yourself.  Archangel Metatron to connect with your inner child.

In an Energy Healing session, I often see this chakra inactive or restricted in some way (tied, chained, squeezed), shaking with fear and instability, or hot with unexpressed anger.  Don’t worry, it’s just an energetic expression or symbol of what’s happening in the chakra.  It’s given to me for a very specific reason and for that client in particular to aid in their healing process.  These blocks and imbalances are related to specific events/situations/conditions experienced by the client.  I am guided as to how to release the negative energy to unblock and rebalance the chakra so that the energy flows freely.

Having your root chakra cleared often results in renewed motivation, a desire to move your body, more energy and vitality, clarity and a sense of purpose.

Next month we will look at the Sacral Chakra, or Svadhisthana in Sanskrit, the seat of creation and sensuality!

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