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Life Purpose Oracle Cards (Doreen Virtue) is a deck of 44 cards related to career, life purpose, and your spiritual path.  We’ve all come here with a specific life purpose that helps to contribute to the good of the whole.  Your life purpose is a combination of your abilities and your passion which means that work is no longer “work!”  Living your life purpose leads to joy, harmony, abundance, and success. This deck can help illuminate your path with everything from your areas of strength and passion (Music, Nutrition) to required action steps (School, Practice) to loving support (You’re On The Right Path, Let Go).     

Each card is presented with the name of the card, an image of an angel, and a short message from the angel.  The booklet contains a full message from the angel related to the topic.


Here is an example:

“Reading, research, and education help you gain confidence and clarity about your career.”
Message in the booklet:
   This card indicates that you need additional information to feel confident about your career path.  Fortunately, the angels are guiding you clearly in this regard.  Please notice your recurring ideas and feelings about taking classes, engaging a mentor, reading a book, or other forms of research and study.
   You’re also receiving signs from above that point you in supportive directions.  For example, several people may recommend the same book to you in a short span of time.  This indicates that the angels are delivering their guidance to you through other people’s messages.
   There’s something important for you in that frequently mentioned book, movie, class, location, or other idea.  The angels have opened the doorway of information for you; and now it’s up to you to accept their gift by reading that book, watching that movie, taking that class, or visiting that location!
Although the Life Purpose deck is specifically designed to explore career and spiritual path, it can be used to answer any questions and with any spread.  For example, you may ask about your love life and get the Travel card.  Perhaps you will meet your soulmate on your next business trip or vacation.  Or your soulmate works for a travel agency or airline.

These cards really helped me along my path, especially in the beginning, and I still use them today.  They grow with you.  When I first started using them the card Oracle Cards kept coming up and that’s how I start my path - reading oracle cards for myself and others.  Then it became Healer and Energy Healing, which I now am and do!  And as of late, I’m getting Spiritual Teacher as I’ve stepped into facilitating workshops.  I also get Author and that is in the works too!

I hope you enjoy this deck as much as I do and if you are curious about your life purpose,I do in-person, phone, and online (Skype) card readings.  My favourite spread is one I created called the Car Spread - Life Direction.  It’s featured in this month’s newsletter.  If you haven’t subscribed go to my website and click the top right button Newsletter Sign-up.  It's also featured on my website with a special offer for a one hour reading.  Be sure to check it out.

To purchase your own Life Purpose Oracle Cards you can get a deck from me in person, on, Hay House, or at your local bookstore (call first to see if it’s in stock).

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