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In 2004, we lost our mother and step-father suddenly and tragically in a plane crash.  We had to clear out and sell all the contents of their home.  As we prepared for the estate sale, we gathered my mother’s clothes to sell.  My sister came across my mother’s favourite pant suit.  Just the night before she had had a powerful dream wherein our mother took her in her arms and cried “I’m sorry I had to leave you…I am so sorry.”  In the dream, mom was wearing the pastel suit.  So Adrienne burst into tears and slid the top off of the hanger and kept it as a keep sake.  The top moved from house to house over the years as she was just never able to give it up. 


Several years later, during a difficult period of my sister’s life, she pulled out her oracle deck, Healing with the Fairies (by Doreen Virtue) and asked, “What’s does my mom want me to know?”  She pulled one card - Laughter. She noticed the butterfly wings first - butterflies had been a consistent sign from our mother ever since she passed.  Then she saw the fairy’s dress - the SAME pattern as our mother’s pant suit.  It also looks like she’s holding onto another piece in the same pattern as if to say, ‘I know you have been holding onto this all these years’. Adrienne immediately knew that it was a direct message from our mother to find more joy and laughter in her life and to finally leave this dark period behind.

She found these items and told me this story just days before the 10 year anniversary of her death.  When we put the two together, we both got the chills.  What perfect timing and what a beautiful, powerful message.

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