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About Sarah

Intuitive Energy Healer & Certified Emotion Code Practitioner

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I have a background in psychology, teaching, and travelling. Travelling the world awakened awe and wonder within me and greatly enhanced both the psychologist in me and the teacher. This laid the groundwork for opening me up to and reconnecting with my intuitive and healing abilities. But before that could happen I had to go through a series of adverse events. I had to experience the dark in order to know the Light. I had to dig very deep to pull myself out of that dark and reconnect to the Light that is my birth right. Everyone’s birth right. Ah, the human journey.


And here enters my inner healer. No longer dormant. No longer in denial. Ready to serve. I began with exercising my intuition through oracle cards, meditation, practising Presence and reading every book I could get my hands on about spirituality. I can honestly say, I owe my life to the oracle cards. They helped me crawl out of a deep pit of anxiety, self-loathing, and depression and step into my Power. Out of so much loss, I found my PassionPurpose and Prosperity.


My story is your story. Out of Pain, we find what I call the five P’s:








I can help you find your P’s. 


Using numerous clearing and healing techniques, intuitive counselling, practical advice and homework, we work to release trapped energy and unresolved trauma in the energy

field and the 4 bodies - physical, emotional, mental,

and spiritual.

The five P's are our birthright.  As we move from 3D t

4D/5D we must be able to master the 5P's.

NOW is the time.



BA Honours Psychology 

Diploma in Wellness and Lifestyle Management

AGHP -Angel Guidance and Healing Practitioner

REH - Rainbow Energy Healing Practitioner


Certified Angel Card Reader

Certified Animal Spirit Communicator

Certified Emotion Code Practitioner 

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