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Sarah offers in-person, online, and remote platforms for energy healing.

Sarah Nicholl

Intuitive Energy Healing

 Emotion Code


Recorded Remote
Intuitive Energy Healing

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Intuitive Energy Healing

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Intuitive Energy Healing

 Emotion Code



In-Person Energy Healing

Come join me for an in-person session in my country home. If you haven't already done so, please check out What To Expect and the Photo Gallery to learn more.

Click the preferred mode of healng below to book.

Online Energy Healing

Can't see me in-person? I offer both and audio and video options to experience Intuitive Energy Healing or Emotion Code.

Facetime Audio/Video

Facebook Messenger Audio/Video

Skype Audio/Video

​Telegram Audio/Video

Zoom Audio/Video

Signal Audio/Video

Telephone Audio


Click below to book.


This is for Intuitive Energy Healing only. You give me a detail description/list of issues, concerns, questions for me to tap into and I do an intuitive energy session just like I would in person but you are not present.  You can go about your day and get healed at the same time. The session is recorded for you to listen to at your convenience.  Perfect for the busy person, young children, and animals.


This method is very powerful as we can bypass the ego and get straight to the source of the matter.  Since you are not present, the ego can not get in the way of the healing.

Intuitive Energy Healing only. This is for acute cases such as, physical pain, clearing cold symptoms, emotional issues, psychic attack, needing shielding and protection, or needing a clearing.

In this case, I do the work as soon as I can and let the client know when I start and finish and then send the information via text or mail letting them know what work was done.  Most people report an immediate effect.


Imagery from Oracle of the 7 Energies by Colette-Baron Reid

Read my review of Oracle the 7 Energies deck.

Experience Colette Baron-Reid's Oracle of the 7 Energies deck online.

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