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What To Expect 

Located in North Burlington, Ontario, Canada L7M 0R2

The Space

We are located in a century farmhouse in the Burlington countryside on an organic farm. We have a beautiful view of the escarpment and are surrounded by mature trees, a pond, various plant life and wild animals.


The healing room is a perfect square with each of the four corners facing the four directions. The healing bed is in the centre of the room with the client’s head situated due north. There is a portal of healing light at the very centre of the room surrounding the healing bed.

Each corner of the room is guarded by a Pleiadian Archangel. For example, the Pleiadian Archangel of the South guards the south corner (at client's feet):

Colour - red 

Stone - ruby 

Energetic Body - pychsical

Element - earth

Gender Resonance - female

For Emotion Code, chairs will be placed in the centre of the room for comfort during muscle testing.


Fringe Benefits

You will find yourself surrounded by crystals, salt lamps, candles, and words of wisdom as you lay within soft sheets under a warm plush blanket (Intuitive Energy Healing).


Enjoy soft lighting with healing meditative music in the background.


Create a deeper connection to Mother Earth using the optional grounding mat.


Experience Tesla healing frequencies with The Tesla Coil at a small extra cost (coming soon).



The Store

Take a piece of your experience home with you.  Often the spiritual assistance will encompass practical wisdom to use after you leave.  My store just might have what you need.



Sacred jewelry


Oracle Cards


Essential oils


Salt Lamps

And more.....

Be sure to check out the Photo Gallery

Get your own deck

on Amazon!!

Spiritual Assistance

First and foremost, I connect and work with Source. Whether you call it God, Universal Mind, is THE Source of unconditional Love and Light. Light is information (knowledge, awareness, consciousness) and once we are able to hold enough Light, we can hold and maintain the unconditional Love of Source. Source is the backdrop from where and within I work during all sessions.


I have also long been connected with Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael, both vital guides and sources of comfort in the early stages of my awakening.


More recently, I have been receiving spiritual guidance from the Pleiadian Archangelic Tribe of Four who guard the four corners of the healing room and offer incredible healing assistance during a session.

I am also connecting with the Lyran beings (the Lion People) from Lyra. Gentle but very powerful!

Every healing session is unique. We may receive visitors and guidance from ascended masters,  goddesses, spirit guides, spirit animals, fairies, dragons, the higher self, deceased loved ones…..

We may work with sacred geometry, the 4 elements, the Akashic Records, oracle cards and much more….

For Emotion Code, all the guides will be available if desired or needed.


Access to The Library of Light

As an avid reader I LOVE books. Over the years I have collected books that have inspired me and changed me from the inside out.  My collection consists mostly of spiritual and self-help books, as well as books on psychology, pregnancy, birthing, and parenting, healthy eating, women's issues, and my favourite children's books.

I also have an extensive angel/oracle card library including decks from:

Colette Baron-Reid

Doreen Virtue

Rebecca Campbell

Denise Linn

Sandra Ann Taylor

Karen Kay

Diane Cooper

and more.....

I am also working on my own oracle card deck!

The books and card decks are available to borrow with a small deposit.


Imagery from The Spirit Animal Oracle by Colette-Baron Reid

Read my review of The Spirit Animal Oracle deck.

Experience Colette Baron-Reid's The Spirit Animal Oracle deck online.

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