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Energy Healing

Sarah offers two forms of energy healing. Intuitive Energy Healing working with spiritual assistance and Emotion Code working with the body using applied kinesiology.  

Intuitive Energy Healing

Everything is Energy.. It cannot be created or destroyed. It can only change form.

Intention is also everything. What we intend, we actualize.

Intuition is “in sight” or seeing within or beyond the third dimensional structure.

Using my intuition, I can “see” into the the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies, the aura and the chakras for energetic anomalies. Through intention using spiritual guidance, and various healing techniques, these anomalies are transmuted and released. The energy shifts from disruptive to cohesive, creating alignment, harmony, and ultimately, health and well-being.

For a list of the various areas I work in and how I can help click here.

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Energy Healing
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Emotion Code

Emotions are energy.

The Emotion Code is an energy healing technique that identifies and releases emotions trapped in the body from past trauma/negative events. Through applied kinesiology, or muscle testing, we ask the body yes and no questions to identify the trapped emotion (connected to a current condition/issue/ailment) and the specifics around the emotion (age it happened, was it absorbed or inherited, where it is in the body). Once identified and brought to conscious awareness we release the emotion down through the central meridian line by running my hand or a magnet 3 times over the top of the client's head.

For more information on The Emotion Code checkout Dr. Bradley Nelson's official site here.

Emotion Code
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