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Discover Energy Healing with Sarah Nicholl

Meet Sarah

Intuitive Energy Healer

& Certified Emotion Code Practitioner

Welcome to Full Moon Rising. Ever since I can remember I have been mesmerized by the luminescence of the full moon, drawn in by her power to move oceans, emotions, and energy.​ She reflects, inspires, illuminates, transforms, creates, and heals.

Each one of us is a full moon in the making - a Full Moon Rising! We ebb and flow, move from dark to light and back again, up and down, in and out..... In our full light, we too, have the power to move oceans, emotions, and energy. We affect ourselves, those around us, our earth, and even the stars and planets.


The feathers of the dreamcatcher represent earth, strength, growth, heaven, spirit, ascension, freedom, and the Archangel Beings of Light with whom I work. They remind us to DREAM. 

DREAM BIG. To the moon and back and more!  


It all starts with YOU.

moon person.jpg

What I Specialize In

Divine Feminine/ 

Masculine Healing

Fragmented Soul


Energy Clearing


Past Life



Attachment Removal


We are all far more

powerful than we

have been led to believe.

Sarah is an incredibly intuitive energy healer. Her insights have helped me immensely in all areas of my life, and her kindness and compassion make her a truly great soul to be around. I always feel so transformed after a session with her, and I’m incredibly grateful for all that she does! 

Tricia M.

"Sarah is the real deal!  I have been working with her for the past 6 months clearing away unresolved, low frequency emotions from past lives and this current life.  It never ceases to amaze me how spot on she is with spirit's messages!  She has such a close connection to spirit, they have made her their messenger of light!  Each session builds on the last in a way that is miraculous.  I feel so safe, protected and supported by her and all the guides.  They both make doing this work so easy!

- Deborah B.

Sarah is a highly gifted multi dimensional healer and intuitive. She is a master at energy work, a clear and powerful channel for Source and the most loving and nurturing guide. She has been an invaluable support for me over the last 10 years. She has never failed to help me whether it be with physical, emotional or spiritual issues, integrating energy updates, removing alien technology, releasing trauma, clearing limiting beliefs and  programming, etc. She truly has an incredible skill set and an impeccable heart. I can never express enough gratitude for the help I have received from her

- Dalida I.


How I Can Help You


Self-Love & Self Care

Mother/Father Healing

Finding Love


Abuse Recovery


Trauma Release

Birth Trauma

Childhood Pain



Loss of Loved Ones

Psychic Support

Past Lives

Negative Attachments


Soul Retrieval 


Medical Issues

Cancer Support

Surgery Prep and Recovery

Illness Clearing

Detox/Cellular Healing

Transition Preparation




Birth Prep and Recovery

Baby Care


How I Help

Let’s Get Healing


Intuitive Energy Healing

Emotion Code

The Healing Blog

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